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Next Generation Consumer Authentication

Simple. Secure. Scalable.

The way it should be.

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The world's fastest, most secure authentication solution.

Authentication so good it enables growth and CX innovation

Burbank's ground-breaking authentication solution offers unparalleled convenience, robust security, and a globally trusted customer experience that enables consumer-facing businesses to realise new revenue opportunities and set new standards in customer experience. 

We understand the importance of simple and secure auth, which is why our smart platform offers both ease of use and advanced security measures. This comprehensive technology meets the authentication needs of any type of business, providing the necessary tools and resources to create exceptional and innovative customer experiences that will drive growth across your business.

The ultimate frictionless customer experience.

Burbank's technology enables the same, simple consumer authentication process anywhere, anytime, for anyone, on any device. 

This transformational solution removes the constrains of legacy technology and disparate customer experiences to seamlessly verify consumer identities. 

This is simple, scalable and secure consumer authentication.

The way it should be.


The auth solution for every industry. 




Airlines & Transit.


... and more.


Transformation technology at your control.

We make it easy. You're in control of how to build, host, and certify your solution. And, the Burbank team is here to provide support when you need it. 

Simple delivery.

Burbank's solution is delivered as a single (white-label) SDK that can sit securely inside your existing technology stack. 

Seamless integration.

Our SDK is designed for frictionless integration and comprises a mobile library, containerised back-end services, comprehensive documentation and reference implementations. 

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PCI certified.

Burbank's technology is PCI certified and, if needed, can be certified in your name giving you complete autonomy. We'll even support your team through the certification process.   

You're in control.

Built from the ground up by a team of experts using cloud native technologies and can be hosted in the cloud or on-premises based on your compliance and data sovereignty requirements, placing you firmly in control. 

Multiple schemes & devices supported.

Supports multiple schemes (Visa, MasterCard) and works on both Android and iOS/Apple devices ensuring optimal inclusion.

We're on a mission to create smarter authentication experiences for everyone.

The Burbank team has worked together for over a decade developing some of the world's most transformative authentication, payments, and identity solutions. 

This team was the first globally to achieve both PCI SPoC and CPoC certifications, developed the world's first live PIN on Mobile solution, founded a billion dollar payments infrastructure company, created the first ever cloud-based HSM solution, developed the world's first cloud-based POS terminal, and created over 160 mobile payments patents.

Nobody knows this space better. 

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